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Sleeve Materials

The standard sleeve material for our VP Butterfly Valves is a high temperature EPDM.  We have a wide range of different sleeve materials available.

Operating Temperatures

Peak Temperatures


-15°C to 130°C

-30°C to 150°C

White EPDM

4°C to 110°C

-20°C to 130°C

Nitrile (NBR)

-10°C to 80°C

-20°C to 90°C

FPM (Generic Viton®)

-10°C to 170°C

-20°C to 200°C

White FPM

-10°C to 170°C

-20°C to 200°C

CSM (Generic Hypalon®)

4°C to 80°C

-20°C to 110°C


-20°C to 170°C

-40°C to 200°C

Viton and Hypalon are Registered Trade Marks of DuPont.

Butterfly Valve Replaceable Sleeve

Actuator Accessories

Alongside our standard actuators and solenoids we have a range of additional and semi standard items.  A few are shown here.  We have the expertise and equipment to meet even the strangest requests so please try us.

Switch Box

Namur standard combined beacon and mechanical switchbox that bolts straight onto the top drive of all our pneumatic Butterfly Valve actuators.

Download the DataSheet here:
Butterfly Valve Switchbox

Butterfly Valve Switchbox

Chain Operator

Useful in situations where a manual valve is required but cannot be reached this is a gear box operator but with the handwheel replaced by a chainwheel.

Data Sheet is available here:
Butterfly Valve Chainwheel Operator

Butterfly Valve Chainwheel Operator

Actuator Locking Kit

Simple solution designed for mechanically Locking Out any pneumatic operated butterfly valve it can be used for electric or other actuated butterfly valves.  Lock it open or closed.

Datasheet for DN 50 to DN 300 is available here:
Actuator Locking Kit

Butterfly Valves Actuator Locking Kit

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